- Working with the media. 
     - Organizing cultural events. 
     - Monitoring local human rights conditions in Somalia. 
     - Creating Resource center. 
     - Conducting Advocacy and awareness campaigns. 
     - Translating and disseminating Human rights documents. 
     - Producing human rights educational materials in Somali language. 
     - Working with schools. 

Youth Development: Our programs aiming to guide youth in their journey towards independence self confidence by teaching them the skills and knowledge necessary to function in the adult world. There will be research and media awareness programs to understand Somali growing youth problem, the program aimed to help and create a ladder to adulthood for teens, providing a counselling graduated series of experiences that encourages teens to take initiative, and allows them to grow. 

Youth programs are rooted in the core values of honesty, mutual understanding, individual responsibility and community service. Problem solving, collaboration, conflict resolution, peer education, leadership and mentoring are also stressed. By encouraging these skills, POOLA’s Aid empowers socially and economically marginalized young people to develop the resiliency, self-reliance and the self-confidence required succeeding in adulthood.

POOLA Overview

POOLA/VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION has been involved in the assistance to the poor people, since its constitution in the years 94's. The Association is dedicated to a Somali lady who spent her life in the protection of the people in need especially children and women. She was named `Poola'; which means `pure': POOLA is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 in TURIN by the Somali Diaspora in Italy.POOLA works with others to find lasting solutions for poverty and suffering alleviation in Somalia and in particular South Somalia. In addition POOLA also acts as a bridge between local communities and international donor organizations. POOLA also mobilizes Diaspora to engage in the development of their country of origin.