Our Objectives

Principally, but not exclusively, for the benefit of any Somalia, wherever in the world he or she may be residing, with special reference but not exclusively, for Somalis residing in the county of Essex, for the purposes of carrying out such of the following purposes as are charitable

  • The relief of poverty ,deprivation and distress among Somalis
  • The advancement of education among Somalis and the provision of financial assistance for their education and of their dependants
  • The relief of sickness and the protection of health among Somalis
  • The relief of facilities for recreation and other leisure occupations for Somalis in the interests of social welfare.

POOLA Overview

POOLA/VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION has been involved in the assistance to the poor people, since its constitution in the years 94's. The Association is dedicated to a Somali lady who spent her life in the protection of the people in need especially children and women. She was named `Poola'; which means `pure': POOLA is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 in TURIN by the Somali Diaspora in Italy.POOLA works with others to find lasting solutions for poverty and suffering alleviation in Somalia and in particular South Somalia. In addition POOLA also acts as a bridge between local communities and international donor organizations. POOLA also mobilizes Diaspora to engage in the development of their country of origin.