Finally, POOLA Fund seeks to alleviate poverty in the rural area by helping microcredit grow to scale and achieve sustainabilityThe main objective of POOLA is to extent the microcredit projects and reduces the poverty of rural poor households and improved the socioeconomic status of women in the rural villages. Our project is targeted at women, empowering them in societies with deeply entrenched views of gender roles.
Our Strategy recognizes the role of microcredit to assist poor women and the positive impact of microcredit on women’s empowerment
Women are thought to make better borrowers than men. Evidence shows that women perform better in repaying loans than male borrowers.

Example of microcredit
POOLA Microcredit, Imagine: rising early every morning, leaving a household of five children and a husband with tuberculosis, and scouring the slums of Somalia,  to secure a loan from a POOLA to finance that day's work selling tea in the market. This was the life of BATUULA before learning about POOLA  microcredit that loaned her  ($85) to pay off her debts and buy  medicine. A second loan six months later allowed her to establish a shop, and a third loan helped her expand the business. Now, Batuula can afford to cover daily expenses while also saving some profits and send her children to school, and her husband has recovered enough to help with the business.

The intervention in the district of Afgoi has had also another important characteristic:
The means collected have been managed directly by Somali technicians, who have been able to connect themselves with the local representatives of the community, involving directly the chiefs of the villages and the local religious personalities.
The Somali technicians not only have demonstrated to know better than anyone else the characteristics of the territory on which to intervene, but also to know how to find the right relation with the population, involving in the reconstruction the natural representatives of the community. 
So the intervention is supported, guided and realized by the population itself, no more in the role of a passive utilize, but in an active role in the implementation of the project.
POOLA has shown the Somali Diaspora and Somali elders in Somalia that it is able to contribute to the development of the country, especially basic education, from abroad. Due to the success of the first projects the demand for POOLA’s work increased. .

POOLA’s ten years plan 2000-2010 was approved by the Links program of G.V.V. Meanwhile POOLA also to organize activities in the Italy and United Kingdom which met two aims: Firstly, to raise awareness of the development situation in Somalia and secondly, to contribute to the integration of Somali youth in Italy and in U.K.
The number of projects executed in Somalia increased substantially and diversified. Besides education also projects on health, small scale food production, micro credit loans, quality and accessibility of water, empowerment of women, amongst others, were developed. The organizational capacity of POOLA Somalia adapted to this situation. POOLA Somalia was able to run the projects without getting any from organizations and internal community.  To realize additional capacity for fundraising among Somali Diaspora, POOLA Italy and POOLA UK were created.

We demand that the possibility to reach a lasting peace be given to our country.  The objective is to eliminate the extreme poverty and ignorance, which are an evil for everyone.  Adequate conditions are needed in order to promote a lasting development.  This is an appeal for a concrete engagement against poverty, because poverty originates a dramatic problem of justice, and poverty comes under many forms: "material, economic, moral".  It is necessary to promote an efficient policy for social protection and lasting access to work, above all for the young; to create the conditions for an appropriate education; to establish the mechanisms to guarantee the "good government".  We do not want charity, we want solidarity, we want the help and cooperation to grow together and to make Somalia rise again, and we want to see our country get back to life, to rise again in peace and harmony. 

We all are responsible for what is happening in the world, in the good and in the bad, because we live together in one world, we are human.  If part of our body is feeling bad, the rest of our body feels bad too; for this reason we must create a human world, with sane principles, with much solidarity and love, building a chain of solidarity that saves the dignity of those who are most fragile.  Only this way we can call ourselves human in the world.

POOLA Overview

POOLA/VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION has been involved in the assistance to the poor people, since its constitution in the years 94's. The Association is dedicated to a Somali lady who spent her life in the protection of the people in need especially children and women. She was named `Poola'; which means `pure': POOLA is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 in TURIN by the Somali Diaspora in Italy.POOLA works with others to find lasting solutions for poverty and suffering alleviation in Somalia and in particular South Somalia. In addition POOLA also acts as a bridge between local communities and international donor organizations. POOLA also mobilizes Diaspora to engage in the development of their country of origin.